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OSHA Incident Rate Calculator

OSHA incident rates are one of the best indicators of your company’s safety performance. With our OSHA Incident Rate Calculator, your incident rate, also known as total case incident rate, or TCIR, is a score benchmarked against your industry. While accidents should be avoided at all costs, this will give you a quick idea of how urgently you should pursue corrective measures to enhance your safety programs and protect your workers.  

The Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) Equation: 

(Number of OSHA Recordable* injuries and illnesses X 200,000) / Employee total hours worked = Total Case Incident Rate

Select Industry

Total number of injuries and illnesses

x 200,000 /

Number of hours worked by all employees


OSHA Incident Rate

OSHA Incident Rate: 0


Our OSHA Incident Rate Calculator gives you a quick check on your industry benchmarks. For more specific benchmarks, see the complete Bureau of Labor Statistics table to compare your firm’s performance to a narrow subset of companies in your industry.

How to Improve Your Incident Rates

Industrial safety improvements used to be entirely dependent on human intervention. Revolutionary safety technology now makes that human intervention more effective than ever before. 

Kinetic Eye’s omni-vision safety monitoring tools provide industry-leading visibility and predictive insights to immediately improve your injury and accident rates. Our safety experts supplement those analytics with consulting, planning, and implementation to create a safer work environment – quickly.


Disclaimer: This is an illustrative tool. Kinetic Eye, and its affiliates make no representations or warranties of any kind related to this incident rate calculator, or any results that may be obtained from its use. All services, including information and content on or otherwise related in any way to the services, this application or any third-party, product, or service linked to or from this application, are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

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